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Omaks Printing and Packaging is an innovative printing company based in Istanbul, Turkey that aims constant improvement and continuous growth. Customer satisfaction and permanent quality are our most important guidelines since we are incorporated in 1995.

Blisters, different secondary packaging types, automatic filling lines compatible flip top boxes, boxes with different locking types, sales points, high strength laminated carton boxes and boxes made of corrugated cardboards are only a small part of our wide product range. We provide our customers all kinds of paper packaging solutions they need.

The company’s constant improvement and maximum quality concept, which continues since its foundation, has been certified by ISO 9001:2015,  BRC/iop,  FSC CoC certificates, guaranteeing the most hygienic environment for producing direct food contact and pharmaceutical packaging. Our technology and advancing systems are the indispensable parts of our corporate structure. Our professional team carries the quality level of Omaks to new levels each day.

The customer-focused mission of Omaks targets to meet customer expectations in the fastest way with a perspective which gives equal importance to production and service quality. With this attitude, Omaks provides integrated packaging solutions to the leading companies of within a wide range, from medicine to stationery, confectionery and industry.

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