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Revision Date:  01.03.2024

Revision No: 05


We aim to satisfy our customers , producing safe, hygienic and quality products on time and right the first time by following technology, with a system that complies with national / international standards and laws. Our aims in this direction are;

  • Carrying out the necessary activities to increase product safety and quality awareness, and improving the quality culture continuously

  • Ensuring product integrity and continuity, by proceeding with the logic of traceability in all processes from raw materials to the shipping stage, and by evaluating risks to product defense and authenticity and taking preventive measures

  • Improving the system continuously by providing training that ensures the continuous development of employees

  • Meeting the expectations of our internal and external stakeholders at the maximum level

  • Reaching a better tomorrow with a constantly developing system, by protecting the environment with the understanding of sustainability and the products that do not harm human health

  • Accepting occupational health and safety measures and practices in line with legal legislation requirements as an element of the working and production process.

All of our employees adopt the principle of "Quality and Product Safety is Everyone's Responsibility" and creat a system open to continuous improvement by working collaboratively to implement, develop and maintain these aims.


Revision no: 04

Revision Date: 25.02.2019


• While ensuring the happiness and satisfaction of our employees, ensuring that our customers purchase products safely, quickly, with high quality and at optimum prices, ensuring the continuity of our activities in cooperation and mutual trust with our suppliers and fulfilling our obligations to legal authorities.

• To make innovations through technological research in the printing industry and to be an organization that creates value by meeting stakeholders' expectations at the optimum level within the scope of cardboard packaging production.



• To be one of the leading companies and maintain our place by aiming for a constantly growing and self-improving structure that can compete with strong competitors in the sector, is compatible with all customers in terms of quality, reliability, cost and delivery.

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